Forgotten Promises

These hills arise with great anger these burning cities grow old, your eyes they're burning with fury and old tales by mothers are told. In cold nooks the hopeless hide life they live as a burden, waiting and doubting until they die. Why do we take it for granted? Sharp corners on every edge, promises... Continue Reading →

Society’s Throne

The scent of a rose is as fresh as the earth after its rained. The sub aqueous colour, as red as boiling blood. It's thorns as sharp as the silver edge of a blade, Still pretty as it withers away by the window, Distressingly bidding farewell to the world. Oh darling you're a blossom, don't... Continue Reading →

Rusted Soul

They ache… all of them do Some in agony and some in thirst some survive , some face the consequences, and  some… just die. Sometimes it eats you away and sometimes it just haunts you… You could spend so much time trying to fix it , trying to put the pieces back together not realising... Continue Reading →

The Illusion of Your Ego

Delusional minds lead to an illusion of your ego – Perfection. We grow up in a society that’s full of perceptions of what’s perfect and what’s not, but our lower self always knows that every being is unique. The thought crossed my mind as I walked through the streets of Versova Village. I wasn’t having... Continue Reading →

Boudless Again

A snap of a finger, a clap with the hands Roaring loud sea waves hit the silent shore sand. The roots from the mangroves holding on tight, I hear the songs of the ocean, in the shining moonlight.   A sky full of stars, guiding our souls, Finding the innocence, that being a grown-up had... Continue Reading →

Chubby Is the New Black

Being chubby isn’t a big deal for a girl or women these days, especially with all the body positive talk and amazing body activists such as Ashley Graham. We’ve made quite a reputation around the globe for being cute as well as sexy with our curves, love handles included. But ever wondered what being a... Continue Reading →


I tell the truth but sometimes I lie, I try and be happy when I see others cry, You see moving water,  I see a vast blue sea, That’s the truth of you & the reality of me.   You like a flower, you pick it, I smell the whole gardenia, I feel its soul,... Continue Reading →

A love like mine

As the cool breeze blows my hair, the chirps of the birds make me feel at peace. The sight of the sea & the sound of waves complete me. It’s all too unreal compared to the mundane mornings I spent in the auto rickshaw wishing to escape the usual Mumbai city traffic. Right now my... Continue Reading →

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