Chubby Is the New Black

Being chubby isn’t a big deal for a girl or women these days, especially with all the body positive talk and amazing body activists such as Ashley Graham. We’ve made quite a reputation around the globe for being cute as well as sexy with our curves, love handles included.

But ever wondered what being a chubby girl in Punjabi family feels like?

First of all I already think it’s weird that on some days I feel skinny and some days I feel like a busted carton of milk that’s been out of date for a while. And it sucks not being able to fit into your favourite jeans, what makes it even worse is that I live in a joint family full of doctors. My parents being the only ones who own a business, which unfortunately happens to be a few bakeries. So a casual comment or two a day about my beloved love handles, due to my lack of self-control over delicious hot bread is a common occurrence. Fresh hot parathas every morning for breakfast don’t really help either, but they’re worth the extra 20 minute cardio everyday so no regrets!

What’s interesting is that my family has somehow found a civil way to express their lack of appreciation about my eating habits.

Normally when you call someone healthy you mean it as a compliment. But my family and relatives or other Indians in general for a decade have decided to use this term to respectfully bring attention to the fact that the girl is slightly chubbier than socially accepted with in the society, aka she better lose some weight. General statements such as “aapki beti thodi healthy nai hai?” (Isn’t your daughter a little healthy?) “How will she find a man who would marry her?” are not rare within our families and our culture.

What I fail to understand is how is losing weight going to help me find a better man , and does the same rule apply to men?

Or is it that a chubby girl can’t find an equally chubby guy to marry and live a happily ever after with? Because honestly I see quite a few of them walking around every now and then. Maybe she can, and then they can have a “healthy “child together. That’ll give all the desi aunties something to talk about.

Or is it unrealistic to think that a fit guy can’t be interested in a chubby but cute and a seriously funny girl? Because I have seen many of such pairings as well.

What is so wrong if someone truly loves food & is happy with the way they are. I mean if someone likes a movie they enjoy it just like the so called “healthy” person enjoys their food.  Isn’t a plate of fettuccine better than a bowl of salad on a date? That is also something I have never understood.

Girls ordering a salad or soup on a date to impress a guy. Which mind you is usually followed by a kebab once the kale and lettuce torture is over and guy has dropped us home. What is so unattractive about eating a proper meal and enjoying it with a man?  

So why be the salad girl when you can be the pasta queen. Why refrain from ordering that extra piece of garlic bread because you love it. Trust me I have not known a single man who has not enjoyed being with a girl who knows what she wants, especially when it comes to long confusing restaurant menus. So go out and order that butter chicken and rice you’ve been craving, have a good time & just be in your element. It could be an interesting way to spice up your relationship with a man, literally & metaphorically. Show those desi aunties that you can find a man who loves you just as much as you love food because no man ever denied a bit of butter chicken. And if the chubby girl comments still continue to haunt you, you can always politely tell them to get a life! Because “Chubby” is the new black.  

Which reminds me, I haven’t had dinner so it’s time to grab my glass of wine & my plate of pasta that’s been waiting for me in the kitchen.



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