Boudless Again

A snap of a finger, a clap with the hands

Roaring loud sea waves hit the silent shore sand.

The roots from the mangroves holding on tight,

I hear the songs of the ocean, in the shining moonlight.


A sky full of stars, guiding our souls,

Finding the innocence, that being a grown-up had stole,

Salty sea breeze grazes the tip of our nose,

Reminiscing youthful summers & winter snows.


Countless 11:11 wishes that were made.

 Infinite paper planes & boats that we would sail.

From a young carefree children, to people we are now,

A life full of changes that we had allowed.


Adulthood constrained us from what we believed,

A sense of right and wrong limited us from being carefree.

We’ve had to lose to a lot, to keep what we’ve gained.

Disappearance of an innocence from the body that has remained.

 Let’s find those charming children before they fully abstain,

Seize the moment we have right now & be boundless again.












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