Rusted Soul

They ache… all of them do

Some in agony and some in thirst

some survive , some face the consequences, and 

some… just die.

Sometimes it eats you away and sometimes it just haunts you…

You could spend so much time trying to fix it ,

trying to put the pieces back together not realising it’s tearing you apart

and when you do its too late…

Some days it whispers yes and some days it whispers

no just let me go…

Those times when you look into the eyes of the one you love and it just decides to beat and jump around again. 

You feel alive in that moment and just for that moment.

It used to believe in love but you forget things when 

you’ve been torn out and thrown to the ground… and 

you just think to yourself, ‘ What can I do?’ …it’s only a 

dying heart with a rusted soul…



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